Autostart at boot, autosave at halt


VBoxTool is capable of the following:
  • Autostart at host boot. When the host boots, all sessions registered in /etc/vboxtool/machines.conf will be started in the background, issuing a 'vboxtool autostart' command under the named vbox_user in /etc/vboxtool/vboxtool.conf
  • Autosave at host halt. When the host has a controlled down, i.e. halted, all running sessions are automatically saved.
But when and why does one needs these features?


  • Servers become self proficient. A server, hosting VirtualBox and running sessions in a production environment, can be rebooted without knowing all the intricate details of bringing down the individual sessions. Even when an unexpected down happened e.g. by a power surge, sessions come up when the machine is booted, even when it is done by unqualified personnel: pushing a power button is not that complicated I presume.
  • Save time to access sessions on a desktop machine. When a session is automatically opened in the background at boot, it can be easily accessed by rdesktop or similar rdp-viewer, without any delay because the session is already up-and-running, waiting for anyone to access it.
  • Be sure sessions are always saved at halt. When sessions are running, be it headless or with GUI, be it on a server or a desktop, it is sure all sessions will be saved when the machine is downed. Normally, sessions become in 'aborted' state when nothing is done as the machine is going down. Bringing sessions automatically into savestate saves time when these sessions are started again after the next boot because the sessions don't have to boot, but also prevents data loss.